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How to fit in health changes when you are busy

Everybody is busy, and most of us are busy beyond capacity whether it is your job, kids, activities, or all of the above. I recently started a new teaching job that has been absolutely killing me in terms of hours. I have to get up at five-thirty in the morning and deal with a forty-five minute commute. After a month on the job, I noticed a few things: I was gaining weight, my sense of timing of when to eat was completely out of whack, and I was too tired to exercise the way I like (running). So I decided to make a few changes.

First, I started making a smoothie for the ride into work to hep curb hunger, and packed a snack for around 9:30-10:00 am to help me get through lunch.

Second, I switched to going for walks after work to decompress and get my cardio in. cause the job is temporary, I know that I can switch back to running in a few months. Finally, I made sure to pace out my eating so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with carb cravings when I got home.

Here is a snapshot of my day today.

Overslept!!!! It was a good dream though:)

6:30 a.m. Smoothie and a cup of coffee (3 servings of fruit: banana, kale, berries, coconut milk, and pineapple)

10:00 Yogurt and an orange (1 serving of fruit)

12:00 Chicken, vegetables, rice and a salad (4 servings of vegetables)

3:00 Snack (I knew I was going for a long walk so I grabbed some nuts from 711)

These were pretty good!!

4:00 Hour and ten minute walk. I walked with an old friend around the city while we caught up and reminisced about old times.

5:30 Home to cook dinner or rather reheat some barbecue for the family.

I fit in a full work day, a good walk, and 8 servings of fruits and vegetables today.







I am an educator, writer and mother.

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