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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Lately, I have been on a cycle of making progress, only to take several steps back. A few months ago I set a goal, and worked hard towards it, but things/life/chaos kept getting in the way.

For example, I just returned from a trip to New York where I ate and drank my way through the entire venture. Of course, when I got home there was a price to pay. Normally, I walk off what I eat in NYC, but this time was over the top, but I have to take a breath, and stock and ask myself – Was it worth it? Did I have a great time? The answer to both is yes. It is important to remember that goals for your health are honorable and good, but there is a time for pleasure. I built awesome memories with my children and my family.

When I get discouraged like this, it is helpful to remember that whatever short term goals you have may or may not add up to your long term goals. For example, my long term goal is to be fit, healthy, and to feel good in my skin. I would like to be free from the cycle of gaining/losing and be relatively steady. I want to enjoy myself on vacation and on holidays, but not allow for that to be a pattern for everyday.

My shorterm goal was t be a certain size before I left for the beach in July. The truth is I was nearly there, but I enjoyed myself in New York. That didn’t get in the way of the longterm goal, which was to be steady, and enjoy myself. If I want to not fall into a cycle, I go home and I take care of business.

So that is what I am trying to do this week. I am exercising hard, being careful to not overeat, and the result is not going to be the number I wanted or the size I wanted, but instead a feeling of self-control, and no regret. This is a lifetime journey.

I have a friend who was morbidly obese. Two years ago, he decided to make a lifetime change. He focused on one area in his life that he knew he could control – exercise. He made a commitment to walk everyday, no matter what. He posts regular pictures of himself or his workouts with the hashtag – #lifetimecommitment. His BMI is not in normal range, but he has lost over 100 pounds from this one small action. Whenever I get discouraged, I think of his journey and remember that losing a battle, doesn’t mean I have lost the war. I am in it for the long haul.






I am an educator, writer and mother.

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