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Making good choices on the go

I always have good intentions to eat at home, because it’s easier to control for fruits, vegetables, and the good stuff. But sometimes I’m running around like a maniac, and have to figure out what to eat on the fly. I’m also not interested in spending a ton of money, either.

Fast food is usually a no go for me, because when you look at their salads do you realize you probably were better off eating a cheeseburger anyway. Also, to be honest salad isn’t filling enough for me.

 Today, I hit up my grocery store – I chose to get some salmon sushi as my brunch.

It’s a good idea to avoid the spicy sushi rolls, because they usually cut with a lot of heavy sauce or mayonnaise. I also save tuna for only special occasions because of the Mercury factor.

I was really happy with this choice – fresh salmon, brown rice, avocado – it completely filled me up and solved my problem for less than seven dollars. I got Omega’s, heart health, and didn’t fill myself up with empty white flour. Not a bad deal at all.

We can lay out good plans and good intentions, but it’s always good to have a back up plan for when life gets in the way. 



I am an educator, writer and mother.

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